Sunrise on the East Coast

At the very tip of the island, it’s a few hours trek in the night. Just the two of us, a girls’ night out, a perfect escape. We were late, beginning after twilight fell.

The fresh breath of the hike guided us towards the edge of the island, where we found ourselves in the middle of nowhere.

No sounds except the whispers of the wilderness. Conversations, laughter, moments of nothingness.

After a few hours, we stumbled upon the guiding light where we found a place to camp firmly anchored in the present.

The morning had a blueish hue, with no sign of the sun yet an enchanting, mystical mood. We wandered, aimlessly drifting between the greenery of the hills, until we reached the edge of the ocean. The little village was secluded, with only a few remote houses dotting the landscape. Time spent on the fringes of the world, a rare gem at the edge of everything.